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Alphawave IP Adopts Diakopto’s ParagonX™ EDA Platform and Methodology

Accelerating Time-to-Tapeout for High-Speed Connectivity IP

San Jose, CA – Diakopto announced today that Alphawave IP (AWE.L) has selected the ParagonX EDA software platform and methodology to help accelerate time-to-market and enhance the robustness for their market-leading high-speed connectivity solutions. ParagonX, Diakopto’s insightful and intuitive integrated circuit (IC) design debugging and optimization platform, speeds up the process of finding and fixing a broad range of IC problems caused by layout parasitics.

Tony Pialis, Alphawave’s CEO commented, “At Alphawave, we pride ourselves on moving fast while not breaking things. Diakopto’s ParagonX software is a key enabler of this approach. ParagonX helps Alphawave accelerate time-to-tapeout and improve design efficiency in leading-edge technology nodes by quickly pinpointing layout issues and bottlenecks and identifying design and layout improvements.” He added, “ParagonX is very fast. Analysis of small blocks is immediate. More importantly, ParagonX is able to analyze very large netlists that are impractical to simulate using other tools without compromising accuracy. The large capacity of ParagonX allows Alphawave to accurately validate key electrical targets at the top level of integration and iterate quickly.”

Alphawave delivers high-performance and low-power multi-standard DSP-based connectivity IP, now in production in some of the most advanced process technologies. Alphawave has used ParagonX in multiple successful tapeouts on multiple technology nodes. The company was awarded TSMC’s OIP (Open Innovation Platform®) Partner of the Year award in 2020 for their high-speed SerDes IP.

“We are excited that Alphawave, an innovative technology leader in high-speed connectivity, was one of the early adopters of ParagonX and has benefited from our powerful methodology in multiple generations of their product development,” commented Maxim Ershov, Diakopto co-founder, CEO and CTO.

ParagonX provides engineers with actionable insights to assist them in quickly and easily pinpointing the few parasitic elements (out of thousands, millions or billions) that are responsible for bottlenecks, choke points and weak areas that affect IC performance, power efficiency, robustness and reliability. The platform features a comprehensive set of tools for rapid resistive, capacitive, delay, structural, connectivity and net-matching analysis and visualization. Information showing the most and least critical areas to be fixed are highlighted on the circuit layout, enabling engineers to see where trade-offs can be made to optimize performance, power and area.

ParagonX has been adopted by over 30 industry leaders addressing technologies ranging from 0.35um to 3nm. The platform is being used to analyze and improve a broad array of designs, including high-speed interconnects, RF, high-precision analog, data converters, low-power IoT, custom digital, memories, clocks, image sensors, ESD networks, and power management.

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About Diakopto Inc.

Diakopto develops out-of-the-box analysis, visualization, and optimization tools for complex IC designs, with the primary focus on layout parasitics. We empower IC design, layout, and CAD engineers to quickly find and resolve design problems, increase productivity, and accelerate time-to-product. Our software platform and methodology are designed to deliver easy-to-use, intuitive and fast functionalities, along with clear, visual and actionable results. Diakopto is headquartered in San Jose, CA.

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