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Actionable Insights: Unique methodology identifies the few critical elements (out of millions or billions) causing bottlenecks or circuit impairments – reporting the contributions by layer, net, and polygon over the layout.

Visual: Clear, visual results on the layout accelerate finding and resolving design problems, and drive design improvements.

Ease-of-Use: Unparalleled ease-of-use through an intuitive GUI that allows novice users to get started with minimal training.  

Out-of-the-Box Experience: No complicated setup or configuration required, no foundry PDK/qualification or CAD support needed.

Faster Analysis: Orders of magnitude faster than conventional EDA tools, even for the top-hierarchy designs and for large netlists and nets. Reduces parasitics-related IC debugging and optimization time from days/weeks/months to minutes or hours.

Top-down/Bottom-up: Can be used at any hierarchy level – for small, medium size blocks, and for a very high hierarchy or full chip. 

Earlier in Flow: Evaluate, verify and improve layouts at early design phases, even for non-LVS clean designs.

“What-if” Analysis: Powerful on-the-fly exploration and understanding of the impact of various scenarios and options before making layout changes.