EDA Software Engineer

Position available

A young, promising, well-funded EDA startup, developing inovative EDA software tools and methodologies, has an open position.

This position is at the intersection of several disciplines – software development, science, engineering, circuit design, CAD, EDA, and possibly customer and application support. Experience in several (at least 2-3) of these areas is highly desirable.


  1. Ability and desire to program (scripting – Python, Tcl, Perl, …; C/C++, …).
  2. Innate desire to do a high quality job, in a fast-paced environment, requiring making decisions under constraints and trade-offs, and producing high quality, accurate, yet practical results.
  3. Strong preference to work in a startup environment over a corporate environment (wearing many hats, no time for corporate politics and bureaucracy, no barriers across departments, quick decision making, etc.).
  4. Ability to do an independent work, and to make independent decisions and judgements.
  5. Being a strong team player.
  6. A desire to innovate, propose new ideas, solve problems in new and unconventional ways, and to brainstorm.
  7. Scientific rigor and honesty, combined in the right proportion with engineering practicality and common sense.
  8. Having ease of use, intuitiveness, robustness, trustworthiness, and pleasant user experience of the tools and solutions being developed as the default top priorities.

Wish list:

  1. Python programming experience.
  2. Scientific and engineering visualization, GUI development, QT, VTK, etc.
  3. Experience in developing scientific and engineering applications, involving simulation, analysis and visualization of large volume, multi-dimensional data.
  4. Expertise (expert user or developer) in one or several areas of IC design flow (CAD tools, LVS/DRC, simulation, extraction, timing, IR/EM, advanced nodes, layout, physical design, Virtuoso/ADE environment).
  5. Circuit design experience (analog, digital, or RF).
  6. Familiarity with IC design flow (analog or digital), EDA concepts, methodologies, and file formats.
  7. Customer or application support, and consulting experience.

The company is neutral to gender, race, physical age, and other candidates’ attributes that are insignificant for the job.

If you think this might be the right fit for you – please send your resume to: