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Our industry-leading products have been adopted by Tier One customers worldwide, including leading semiconductor companies, networking OEMs and hyperscale data center corporations:

Customer Testimonials

“ParagonX is a godsend. We find it indispensable for our high-speed designs.”

“ParagonX is a homerun in our book. Your product was so easy that we started using it (before any training) and already successfully solved some layout bottlenecks with it! It’s fantastic and a life-saver!”

“Diakopto’s tool helps us identify problems earlier, and simulate various what-if scenarios very quickly. This helps us run much faster as a team.”

“Not only does ParagonX provide us with a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced technology industry, I also believe that it is a huge competitive disadvantage for companies who are not adopting ParagonX.”

Diakopto’s built-in simulator is extremely fast – the speed is amazing even on very large circuits!”

“We have been struggling to perform top-level analysis of our post-layout netlists because alternative tools just chokes or takes forever to complete. Diakopto gives us a way to do such a top-hierarchy analysis and optimization in such a quick, meaningful and convenient manner.”

Because mask sets in advanced nodes are extremely costly and the turn-around time to get silicon back is close to a half year, it is super critical to get the design right the first time. ParagonX is playing an important role to help us minimize risks and speed up tapeouts.

“We are used to EDA tools that are very complex to set up, very difficult to use, and need a lot of training, support and maintenance. In a refreshing contrast, Diakopto’s products are so clean, so intuitive, so easy and fun to use that we are up and running in minutes, and our engineers across the world can start using the tools with no/minimal training.”