ParagonX offers a unique EDA methodology that dramatically accelerates IC design debugging and optimization, by helping engineers analyze, visualize and debug a broad range of problems caused by layout parasitics. The new methodology delivers unprecedented insights, speed of analysis and ease-of-use to significantly improve time-to-market, design performance, power efficiency, robustness and reliability.

ParagonX helps IC design, layout and CAD engineers very quickly and easily find root causes of parasitics-induced design problems. The key features and differentiators include:

  • Intuitive: Unparalleled ease-of-use through an out-of-the-box experience that allows novice users to get started with minimal training. The tools do not require any complicated setup, configuration, CAD support or foundry qualification.
  • Fast: Orders of magnitude faster than SPICE or other conventional EDA tools, even for very large netlists. This allows engineers to iterate in minutes/hours instead of days/weeks.
  • Insight to Drive Action: We deliver deep insights along with clear, visual and actionable results to empower engineers to quickly find and resolve design problems. Powered by an innovative platform technology that quickly pinpoints the few (out of thousands, millions or billions) parasitic elements that are responsible for bottlenecks, choke points or weak areas. This eliminates the manual, tedious and time-consuming task of debugging IC parasitic effects.
  • Top-Hierarchy: We enable the analysis and verification of any level of IC design, including at the very top hierarchy. This is particularly useful to analyze large power and signal nets for characteristics such as IR/EM, resistance, ESD, capacitance, signal integrity, delays, etc. The GUI remains very fast and responsive and fast even for very large netlists.
  • Non LVS-clean Methodology: Engineers are empowered to evaluate, analyze, verify and interactively improve layouts early on. This is increasingly critical as design teams need to start layouts much earlier, to estimate/verify parasitics much earlier when no active devices or cells have been placed.
  • Powerful “What-if” Analysis: This allows a faster exploration and understanding of the impact of various design characteristics, and the ability to locally iterate, trying out different options without making layout changes.
  • Both GUI and Scripting Modes of Operation: The GUI enables interactive exploration of ParagonX analysis, especially for novice users, while scripting enables the efficient and automated verification of all the characteristics of interest.

ParagonX has been adopted by over 30 industry leaders, for a wide range of design applications in technology nodes from 0.35um to 3nm, including:

  • High-speed SerDes
  • Optical communications
  • RF / 5G wireless
  • Data converters
  • AR / VR
  • Image sensors
  • MEMS / sensors
  • Power management (PMICs)
  • Low-power IoT
  • AI / ML
  • Memories
  • Clocks

The key functionalities of ParagonX include:

  • Resistance analysis
  • Capacitance/coupling analysis
  • RC delay, AC and transient simulations
  • Net and device comparison and matching verification
  • Netlist comparison
  • QA and verification (extraction tools, settings, PDK versions, design revisions)
  • Netlist structural analysis
  • And many more

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Additional Products

In addition to our flagship ParagonX tool and methodology, we have introduced several additional products to our customers. To learn more about these new products, please contact us.